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CNTA In Brief

China National Tourism Administration (CNTA in short) is an agency in charge of tourism directly affiliated to the State Council.Main responsibilities

1. Plan and coordinate the development of the tourism industry, prepare development policies, programs and standards, draft up relevant laws and regulations and supervise the implementation, as well as guide regional tourism.

2. Establish and organize the implementation of market development strategies for domestic tourist, inbound tourism and outbound tourism, organize external publicity and significant promotional activities on the overall image of China's tourism. Guide the work of China's tourist institutions stationed abroad.

3.Organize the survey, planning, development and protection of tourism resources. Instruct the layout and development of key tourist regions, tourism destinations and tourist routes and guide the leisure vocation industry. Supervise the operation of tourist economy and take charge of tourist statistics and release of trade information. Coordinate and instruct the Holiday Tourism and the Red Tourism.

4. Normalize the order of the tourist market, supervise and manage the service quality and maintain legal rights and interests of tourism consumers and operators. Normalize the operation and services of tourist enterprise and practitioners. Organize the drafting of standards on tourist regions, tourist services and tourist products, etc., and organize the implementation. Take charge of the overall coordination, supervision and management of tourist safety and emergency rescues. Guide the construction of the ideological infrastructure and the credibility system as well as operations of trade organizations.

5. Promote the international communication and cooperation of tourism and take charge of affairs relating to the cooperation with international tourist organizations. Establish policies on outbound truism and border tourism and organize the implementation. Examine and approve foreign travel agencies established in China, examine the market access qualifications of foreign-invested travel agencies and travel agencies engaged in international tourism, examine and approve overseas (outbound) tourism and border tourism cases. Take charge of affairs on special tourism.

6. Establish policies on travel to Hong Kong, Macao & Taiwan and organize the implementation, guide the promotion of tourist markets in Hong Kong, Macao & Taiwan. Take charge of affairs on Mainland residents' traveling to Hong Kong, Macao & Taiwan, examine and approve travel agencies of Hong Kong, Macao & Taiwan established in the Mainland, examine the market access qualifications of travel agencies with investments of Hong Kong, Macao & Taiwan.

7. Organize and instruct tourism education and training, stipulate the vocational qualification system and ranking system for tourism employees with relevant authorities and supervise the implementation.

8.Undertake other issues assigned by the State Council.

The Office for the State Council's Inter-ministerial Joint Conference on Tourism Development, located at CNTA, undertakes the daily operations of the conference.

CNTA Internal Departments: General Office, Comprehensive Coordination Department, Department of Policy and Legal Affairs, Department of Tourism Promotion and International Liaison, Department of Planning and Finance, Office of National Red Tourism Coordination Group, Department of Quality Standardization and Administration, Department of Affairs on Tourism of Hong Kong, Macao & Taiwan, Department of Personnel, Party Committee, Office of Retired Cadres.

Organization at CNTA: Supervision Bureau

Organizations directly affiliated: Service Center of CNTA, Information Center of CNTA, China Tourism News Office, China Travel & Tourism Press, China Tourism Management Institute and China National Tourism Institute.

Subordinate Associations: China Tourism Association, China Association of Travel Services, China Tourist Hotels Association, China Tourism Automobile and Cruise Association and China Association of Tourism Journals.

CNTA has set up 20 institutions abroad in 15 countries and regions, respectively: China National Tourism Administration Tokyo Office, China National Tourism Administration Osaka Office, China National Tourist Office, Singapore, China National Tourist Office, Kathmandu, China National Tourist Office, Seoul, Asia Tourism Exchange Centre Limited (Hong Kong), China National Tourist Office, New York, China National Tourist Office, Los Angeles, China National Tourist Office, Toronto, China National Tourist Office, London, Office du Tourisme de Chine, Paris, Fremdenverkehrsant der VR China in Frankfurt, Oficina Nacional de Turismo de China en Madrid, Fremdenverkehrsamt der VR China in Zürich, China National Tourist Office, Sydney, China National Tourist Office, Moscow, China National Tourist Office, New Delhi,and China National Tourism Administration Rome Office, Association for Tourism Exchange Across the Taiwan Straits, Taipei Office, Association for Tourism Exchange Across the Taiwan Straits,Kaohsiung Sub-office.