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Badaling Great Wall

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Badaling Great Wall is located at the northern gateway of ancint Guangou of Jundushan, Yanqing County, Beijing. It is a defensive outpost of the Great Wall— China's ancient defense works, as a pass of the Ming Great Wall, it occupies a commanding and strategic position. It is called "Bada" as it stretches in all directions, thus got the name of one of “Jiusai”. Badaling is the best-preserved section of the Beijing Great Wall. Badaling Great Wall is the earliest section of the Great Wall built in the Ming Dynasty open to tourists. The main scene area of it focuses on Badaling Great Wall, building multifunctional modern tourist service facilities such as Badaling Hotel and the Great Wall Museum of China inscribed by President Jiang Zemin personally.  Badaling Great Wall scenic area lives up to its reputation for its magnificent scenery, complete facilities and deep cultural connotation of the history.



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