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AAAAA Scenic Areas

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China National Tourism Administration released news on its official website on May 22. Through the on-site inspection and acceptance of the assessment group delegated by the quality ranking committee of national tourist spot, reviewed by the quality ranking committee of national tourist spot, the National Palace Museum in Beijing and other 66 scenic spots were approved to be national AAAAA tourist attractions. After the notice of evaluation and development is announced, people in the units of all the scenic spots are enthusiastic and initiative. The assessment organizations of various provincial tourist spots recommended 106 units to the National Tourism Administration as 5A-class tourist attractions, within the specified period. At the stage of the last assessment, 66 units became AAAAA Class scenic area.

List of 66 units that passed the inspection and acceptance of pilot scenic area of AAAAA-level

(the order of the scenic area is based on administrative divisions)

Beijing:The Palace Museum, The Temple of Heaven, the Summer Palace, Badaling Great Wall

Tianjin: Tianjin Ancient Culture Street, Panshan Scenic Area

Hebei: Shanhaiguan Scenic Area, Lake Baiyandian, the Imperial Summer Resort and the Surrounding Temples

Shanxi:Yungang Grottoes, Mount Wutai

Liao Ning: Shenyang Botanical Garden, Dalian polar aquarium of Tiger Beach Ocean Park

Jiling: Puppet Manchukuo's Royal Palace Museum, Mount Changbai Scenic Area

Heilongjiang: Harbin Sun Island Park

Shanghai: The Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Shanghai Wildlife Park

Jiangsu: Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Mausoleum in Zhongshan Hill Scenic Area, CCTV Wuxi Film/TV Studio used for the shooting of The Three Kingdoms and Water Margins, Humble Administrator's Garden in Suzhou, Zhouzhuang Town area of Suzhou City (Wu river)

Zhejiang: The West Lake Scenic Area of Hangzhou, Mount Yandang Scenic Area of Wenzhou, Mount Putuo Scenic Area of Zhoushan

Anhui: Mount Huangshan Scenic Area of Huangshan, Mount Jiuhua Scenic Area of Chizhou

Fujian: Gulangyu Island Scenic Area of Xiamen, Mount Wuyi Scenic Area of Nanping

Jiangxi: Mount Lushan Scenic Area of Jiujiang, Jinggang Mountain Scenic Area of Ji’an City

Shandong: Penglai Pavilion tourism area of Yantai, Three Kongs Scenic Area of Jining, Mountain Tai Scenic Area of Tai’an

Henan: Mount Song Shaolin Scenic Area of Dengfeng, Longmen Grottoes Scenic Area of Luoyang, Mountain Yuntai Scenic Area of Jiaozuo

Hunan: Nanyue Mountain in Hengyang, Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan tourism area

Hubei: The Three Gorges in Yichang, Yellow Crane Tower in Wuhan

Guang Dong: Chime-long Paradise of Guangzhou, Overseas Chinese Town in Shenzhen

Guang Xi: Lijiang River in Guilin, Guilin Merryland Resort

Hainan: Nanshan Cultural Tourism Area in Sanya, Nanshan Big and Small Cave Scenic Area in Sanya

Chongqing: Dazu Rock Carvings, the little Three Gorges and the little-little Three Gorges of Mount Wushan

Sichuan: Mount Qingcheng and Dujiangyan Irrigation System in Chengdu, Mountain Emei Scenic Area in Leshan, Jiuzhaigou tourism area in Aba Tibetan Qiang Autonomous Prefecture

Guizhou: Huangguoshu Falls tourism area in Anshun, Dragon Palace tourism area in Anshun Yunan: Stone Forest Scenic Area in Kunming, Yulong Snow Mountain Scenic Area in Lijiang

Shaanxi: The Terracotta Warriors and Horses in Xi’an, Huaqing Hot Spring in Xi’an, The Yellow Emperor's Tomb Scenic Area in Yan’an

Gansu: Jiayuguan Cultural Relics Scenic Area in Jiayuguan, Kongtong Scenic Area in Pingliang

Ningxia: Sand Lake Scenic Area in Shizuishan, Shapotou Scenic Area in Zhongwei

Xinjiang: Tianchi in the Tianshan Mountains of Urumchi, Grape Valley Scenic Area in Tulufan, Resort Kanasi Lake Scenic spot in Aletai area

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